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Technical information about the tow truck in Ramenskoye

Technical characteristics of our tow truck in Ramensky district on the base of “Valdai”:

  • Load capacity: up to 3.5 tons. Our tow truck can carry any class of cars, crossovers, jeeps and minivans as well as some of building and road machinery.
  • Platform length: 6 meters. All standard vehicles as well as almost all non-standard ones with the length up to 6 meters can come on our platform.
  • Platform type: sloping. For the dragging on the platform pullout ramps are being used and the dragging is being done with an electric winch.
  • Passenger capacity of the salon: 1 driver and 2 passengers. Inside the salon of the tow truck there are two passenger seats, where the people of any constitution can have a seat comfortably.

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